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What is a Binary Options Signal? +

A signal is an informative prediction of the expiry price for an underlying asset. Signals are delivered via the iFollow Signals Software. Timing is very important which is why we created a delivery medium faster than Gmail, SMS and other forms of delivery offers by competing services.

How accurate is the iFollow Signals software? +

The iFollow Signals software generates %80+ ITM daily! Checkout our traders Testimonials!

What assets do you trade? +

The iFollow Signals software delivered signals for multiple asset groups including commodities, currencies, indices and stocks.

  • Commodities ->  Gold, Oil and Silver
  • Currencies -> EUR/USD, USD/JPY, USD/CHF, EUR/GBP and NZD/USD.
  • Indices -> Dow Jones, S&P500, Dax, IBEX35 and FTSE100.
  • Stocks -> Google, Intel, JPMorgan Chase, Microsoft, CITIgroup and Twitter.

When will I receive signals? +

Signals are generated 24 hours a day, 5 days a week during market hours (Monday through Friday). The iFollow Software is connected with your live trading  account and delivered trades automatically for you. No manual action required on your part. Activate the software. Choose the trade amount and let the iFollow Softaware take care of the rest!

How much does it cost to buy the iFollow Signals software? +

Important: Paid memberships are not available for new members. First we must sync your account with the iFollow Software and after the 30 days free trial is over, our team will contact you to renew your membership.

iFollow Signals™ Software

One Month License      $195 

Full Year License      $1050

New Members get 30 days FREE!

What is Algo Trading? +

Algorithms designed to help find unusual activity in the market by utilizing superfast computers equipped with 5 one gigagbit circuits to the internet, and 1 ten gigabit circuit, allowing us to see and capture signals not available to any regular and even active traders.

How many signals will I receive every day? +

Our team of experts is dedicated to provide our members with high accuracy and a high volume of daily signals every day. On average we generate 20+ signals every 24 hours.

How can I get in touch with you for more information? +
Our Team is available from Monday at 07:00 through Friday at 23:00 GMT. For a quick response contact us via Live Chat Now!

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