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What is a Binary Options Signal? +

A signal is an informative prediction of the expiry price for an underlying asset. Signals are delivered via the iFollow Signals Software. Timing is very important which is why we created a delivery medium faster than Gmail, SMS and other forms of delivery offers by competing services.

How to use the iFollow Signals software? +

After downloading our lightweight software to your PC, Mac or Mobile device you will immediately begin to receive our signals. Accessing the iFollow Signals software requires a unique License Key that will be given to you upon registration.

How accurate is the iFollow Signals software? +

The iFollow Signals software generates %80+ ITM daily! Checkout our traders Testimonials!

What assets do you trade? +

The iFollow Signals software delivered signals for multiple asset groups including commodities, currencies, indices and stocks.

  • Commodities ->  Gold, Oil and Silver
  • Currencies -> EUR/USD, USD/JPY, USD/CHF, EUR/GBP and NZD/USD.
  • Indices -> Dow Jones, S&P500, Dax, IBEX35 and FTSE100.
  • Stocks -> Google, Intel, JPMorgan Chase, Microsoft, CITIgroup and Twitter.

When will I receive signals? +

Signals are generated 24 hours a day, 5 days a week during market hours (Monday through Friday).

How much does it cost to buy the iFollow Signals software? +

iFollow Signals™ Software

One Month License      $195 

Full Year License      $1050

New Members get 30 days FREE!


What is Algo Trading? +

Algorithms designed to help find unusual activity in the market by utilizing superfast computers equipped with 5 one gigagbit circuits to the internet, and 1 ten gigabit circuit, allowing us to see and capture signals not available to any regular and even active traders.

How many signals will I receive every day? +

Our team of experts is dedicated to provide our members with high accuracy and a high volume of daily signals every day. On average we generate 20+ signals every 24 hours.

How can I get in touch with you for more information? +
Our Team is available from Monday at 07:00 through Friday at 23:00 GMT. For a quick response contact us via Live Chat Now!

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